About Us

This is the MIRROR site of Justice Files and pays respect to the First Amendment.

The owner of this site will not grant interviews to any media on the phone or in person.  Email will be the only way this will happen.

To the Washington State House of Representatives and Senate:  This site is outside of the State of Washington and so am I.  I’m going to continue to increase publication of information about your beloved police, who in my opinion are a pack of crybabies whom you treat them as spoiled children.  This mirror, the second of which already is in existence will likely do the same.    Both the mirrors are hosted, controlled and operated by persons also outside the State of Washington, thus out of reach of any censorship laws and court orders there. 

In the spirit of the original site, both of these mirrors will post only data that comes from public and commercial sources and not accept any data from private persons.  Additionally, no laws will be broken that to the applicable jurisdictions will take place.

 NOTE:  The owner of JusticeFiles2.org disagree with Judge Alsdorf’s court order and the laws of the State of Washington.  Consequently, I will make a stand against censorship and continue to post publicly available data about public officials in the State of Washington.  This will include police, corrections staff, prosecutors, court staff, attorneys and their staff for any city, county and state agency within Washington and most of all, elected officials and their staff in both the senate and house in Olympia (yes that includes home addresses, phone numbers).