The site’s owner believes that only with a continuing and accurate data base of police officers, prosecutors and those that are part of the criminal justice system, can true accountability in government be achieved. Some of the material here you might find may be objectionable. You may find the publication of court records here tasteless. You might find the publication of home addresses and phone numbers an invasion of privacy. You might even find shocking the amount of personal information we have been able to obtain. However, keep in mind that the same information we present here, is information that the police themselves have easily at their disposal when they “investigate” the rest of us, often without any probable cause (as some of the people associated with this site have learned). For this reason, we believe that this site is merely an attempt to “level the playing field” for the average citizen when they are confronted unfairly by the massive power of the criminal justice system. This is not an attempt to say that police and the criminal justice workers are the sole parties to blame when things go wrong. But we are saying that these are the people whose salaries that we pay out of public funds to preserve, protect and provide a service to our community. The minimum we can expect in return is a degree of accountably, that we, as their employers, have a right to expect. It is we, the people, in a democracy, that should set the practices and policies of our employees. We cannot and should not tolerate public employees who insist on having a mindset of “us against them” with the result that “public servants” end up at war with the very community they are supposed to serve;

When it gets right down to it, our employees are not any more knowledgeable or moral than the rest of us. Yet, they persist in telling us that they know better. They persist on compiling vast databases in order to “police” us. They persist on building empires of bureaucrats, by taxing us far beyond the rate of inflation. Finally, they persist in their resistance any attempt at reform. This site intends to change that.

In the making of this site, our investigators, not the owners, have gone to great expense and have defended themselves in tremendous legal battles, many of which are still ongoing, to bring this information to you, the taxpayer. These battles have been at their own cost and of their own time as is the production of this site by the owners. It’s not the intention of this site to provide information so that others can misuse it. Indeed, it is provided to you so that it may be used in conjunction with legal processes and for general information we as employers require in order to supervise our public servants.

The investigations of this site are continuing and ongoing and may never stop. Providing such information is essential to provide the most absolute avenue for accountability of the public work force. Police, prosecutors and the rest have enjoyed vast resources to defend themselves after taking unlawful or wrongful actions against the public who are their employers. Often, when a citizen’s rights are violated; it’s up the private citizen to rally money, resources, witness and a defense to uphold their rights. This should be the job of the prosecutor as it’s their duty to represent the public in actions that harm the public or the individual. Unfortunately, all too often, the prosecutors have instead served as a “lapdog” for the police, seeking to shield and cover-up wrongdoing rather than protect the community they have sworn to serve.

We see this website as a revolutionary attempt to provide accountability in government on a scale never before seen in this country (or for that matter, the world). It is the first, but is certainly not intended to be the last. It is far reaching, but is not intended to reach the outermost limits of the kind of investigations that could follow. We have designed this website with the idea that it serve as a model for others in the future, that are even more far reaching and comprehensive in nature.